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i don’t feel like searching through my likes to find it, do any of you know the person who was doing transparent morrowind things - i remember a guar and i think a cliff racer? i wanna do some maybe but i don’t wanna look like i’m taking someone else’s thing or whatever, so. are you that person or do you know them or do you think it would be okay if i made some transparent morrowind shit? am i worrying too much about this? probably. oh well. ?


i came out to my brother and my mom and they were positive about it, they don’t hate me!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Magus is a one of a kind blank journal I made out of upcycled materials - it is covered with supple yet surprisingly hardwearing leather, which in its previous life was most likely used in upholstery. So this is his third life, I guess. Cover flap features a discarded brass plate, sewn on with waxed linen thread. The book itself is sewn in the historical longstitch style, using thick dark grey linen thread, with 160 pages of gray-brown recycled paper inside.

The book is for sale, too, in case you’re interested.